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Solar Domestic and Space Heating with Guilt Free Hot Tub

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This is a unique solar thermal system with many features including 1,000 gallons of underground hot water storage, hot tub heating and ground mounted collectors. See an easy way to tie into the existing boiler and hot water baseboards. Look under articles.

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Click on "articles" above to read about the implications of glycol, the case study mentioned in the side bar, get a better understanding of collector efficiency or see the new article: ESTIMATING FUEL PRICE INFLATION. Check out the Collector Efficiency Calculator and the Business Payback Calculator. It’s free! and are growing, there will be more.

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I started this site because good information about solar and hydronic heating is hard to find. To design and install durable, efficient and cost effective heating systems, good information is essential. Much of the literature you will find is provided by manufacturers and sales people and is biased towards their products. Information from other sources is often inconsistent or context dependant. Data from the SRCC (Solar Rating and Certification Corporation), while hopefully impartial, needs to be interpreted. With this site I hope to provide good, impartial information covering a wide range of solar thermal and related topics. A lot of the information out there results in only a shallow understanding. This site will cover the basics but will also include in-depth information about specific system components. I will conduct the search and distill the information into a presentable form for the visitors of and

As a user of this site you should know I am a master plumber and hydronic heating professional with a mathematics degree and over a decade of experience in the field. I am available to do consulting, design and local installation work for a negotiable fee. If you are interested, have found errors on this site or have some information to contribute please email me at:

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