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Collector Efficiency Calculator in Excel Calculates and graphs the efficiency of solar collectors using the SRCC OG-100 ratings. It is an improvement over other calculators which do not use a 2nd order, curved line approximation method.

Business Payback Calculator in Excel Calculates and graphs the payback of renewable energy projects. It automatically factors in: tax bracket, depreciation, loan amortization, interest deduction, maintenance fees and saved operating expenses. Projects considered should be depreciable on a five year schedule.

Drain Back Maximum Height Calculator in Excel Gives the maximum height allowable for drain back systems in order to prevent vaporization. It takes as inputs: temperature, elevation (atmospheric pressure) and system pressure.

Estimate my solar energy system. This calculator from estimates the cost and payback of a solar thermal system for homes and businesses. The user can enter their location and the price and type of utilities to be off-set. It is an excellent starting point for those considering solar thermal.